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Despite the political situation in Catalonia during the Reapers War and Siege of Barcelona, the musical culture does not take a downfall, on the contrary, it thrives and the popular songs and dances of the time rekindled the damaged villages.  The Spanish and Catalan guitar, known today as Baroque guitar, was the most popular instrument. Almost everyone had one and played many of the dances that were popular at that time. Since that time, the “guitarrística” culture has been unstoppable. 
This program highlights a variety of the most important composers of the Crown of Aragon and the Crown of Castile, including: Gaspar Sanz, Francesc de Guerau, Santiago de Murzia and Antonio de Santa Cruz. Of the latter composer, David Murgadas has transcribed and performed many of the original manuscripts in concert. 

The American Institute for Catalan Studies, AICS,  a non-profit association in Houston, Texas will be organizing concerts for David Murgadas, a classical baroque guitarist from Catalonia from January 2 to January 9th 2018

Maestro guitarist, David Murgadas, 

$10 tickets at the door to support Aics Concerts. 
Additional donations welcomed.

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